Panama City Social Security disability lawyer would like to help you with your disability claim. We handle Social Security disability and SSI disability cases for adults up to age 65 and children. We have over 30 years working with Social Security disability clients.

There are many, many medical problems that might qualify you for disability, assuming they are severe enough to keep you from working a full-time job. You might have physical problems, such as a bad back or neck, or heart disease, cancer, breathing problems, headaches (to name a few); or mental problems such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar (to name a few). Many people have both physical and mental problems. People with severe physical or mental problems, or both, may qualify for disability benefits.

panama city social security disability lawyerThere are other factors to consider; for example, are you still working? How long have you been off work? How old are you? How far did you get in school? Are you seeing doctors on a regular basis and taking medication for your problems? Do you have enough working credits with Social Security to qualify? Will your children also get benefits if you do? Is your family income too high for SSI benefits? Can a child get disability even though he/she is too young to work? These are just a few of the many, many issues that must be addressed in a disability case such as yours. Things can be complicated, and sometimes discouraging for people to jump into this process on their own and try to understand how the Social Security disability programs work. Are you familiar with the laws and requirements that apply to your situation? Our experience can help you decide whether to pursue a disability case and what is involved. We can usually take a lot of stress off you by us handling your disability case.

The best way to contact us to discuss your individual situation is to CALL US and Panama City Social Security disability lawyer can assist you.  Usually we can tell you over the telephone what is involved for you concerning a disability claim. If we need to follow-up with an office appointment, we can arrange that, too. We can advise you how to sign up for disability, how to handle your appeal, and any other questions you may have about Social Security disability. THIS CAN BE DONE ON THE TELEPHONE AND IT ONLY TAKES A FEW MINUTES! There is no obligation on your part, or ours, we just want to help you figure it out.

Basic Information For You To Consider:

People want to know how long it takes to qualify for disability benefits. It actually takes a long time for most people to have their disability case evaluated and decided. In most cases, the final decision rests with an Administrative Law Judge. We know that you may have little or no income due to your medical problems while you wait for your case to be decided, through one, two, or even three appeals. For this reason, I call it a “Turtle Slow Process”. For most people it can take 18-24 months to get a decision from the Judge from the date they sign up for disability. The steps that you must follow in trying to get disability are:

  1. Sign up, (complete an application) and wait about 2-3 months for a decision to be rendered by Social Security. Most people are denied at the first step; then you must
  2. File a Reconsideration appeal, and wait another 2- 3 months for a decision to be made (most people are denied again). Then, you must
  3. File a Request for Hearing so that a Judge can hear your case. This takes about 12-18 months plus the 4-6 months you have waited. This is the reality of the situation for most people. This indeed is a “Turtle Slow Process”! To prepare for your hearing, you and your lawyer will get together and review your medical records, contact any necessary witnesses, discuss the reasons you feel you qualify for disability and go over your own testimony to the Judge. We want to be well prepared! We will be with you when we go before the Judge and we will help explain your medical problems and why we think the evidence supports your disability claim.

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